Who we are

We are a group of taco-lovers, learners, and doers based in the Washington, DC metro area. We have been around since 2016 when some crazy guy decided to start a business based on giving digital tacos as a token of gratitude. As crazy as the idea might have been, people really loved it, so we are still around years later, working with thousands of teams around the world, helping them build their own culture of gratitude. With a taco in our name, we enjoy making work fun for others and ourselves. As we build and have fun with HeyTaco, we are also building our own Amazing Team.

What we are about

We are about customers We are customer-driven and customer-funded, and everything we do has the customer at the center. We don't have investors to respond to or a board to prepare slide decks forโ€”our customers are the people we run this business for. By customer, we mean the people using HeyTaco in organizations worldwide. When working on a feature, our favorite question is, "Who is this for?" If the answer is anything but "for people using HeyTaco," we don't do it. We are about amazing teams Whether it's your family, your slow-pitch softball crew, or your company - amazing teams are everywhere. The term amazing team means different things to different people, but we all know what an amazing team feels like. And that's the feeling we are constantly trying to recreate, day in and out, for our customers and ourselves. There are many things that make an amazing team, but gratitude and fun are the two ingredients of amazing teams that make our souls sing and that we focus on every day. We are about building feel-good software. We define feel-good software as technology that improves people's lives by reinforcing positive behaviors. It feels good not only for us (the ones building it) but also for our customers. Applied to HeyTaco and a culture of giving, the ethos of feel-good software is rooted in three principles of the Taco Economy:

  • Giving feels good.
  • Giving is honest.
  • Giving is fun.

When those three are fully lived, your culture of gratitude is thriving.

Our Values

  • People First: We value every relationship. Within our team and among our customers.
  • Do The Right Thing: Integrity is the foundation for everything we do. So we do what is right โ€” even when no one is watching.
  • Always Optimistic: We look at things with a positive eye and an open mind and always try to see the good in something first.
  • Authentic: We celebrate all of the nuances that make us unique. For it's our differences that make us thrive and do better when together.

Are you ready to join the Taco Economy? You can get started with HeyTaco in no time here.

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