How it works

Spread positivity and gratitude among your team with HeyTaco! This powerful tool has inspired thousands of teams across the world to create a more fun and uplifting work environment by sending positive messages with taco emojis.


Fitz 9:31 AM
Thanks @tilly for having close attention to detail and going the extra mile! taco emoji
Koko 9:32 AM
@angus taco emojitaco emoji for making the awesomest mission design view ever!
Ned 9:34 AM
@zane taco emoji for taking this project and running with it, even if it feels like youโ€™re running in place.

Multi-person examples:

Tilly 9:45 AM
@fitz and @ned I really appreciate your positivity, it's spreading! taco emoji
Lars 9:49 AM
taco emojitaco emoji for @koko and @fitz for helping make the office a better place.
Zane 9:56 AM
@ned, @koko, @tilly, @fitz, and @lars thank you all for your outstanding work on the project! taco emoji

Wait, what...tacos?

That's right! HeyTaco builds stronger relationships with its fun and unconventional kindness currency...tacos! taco emojitaco emojitaco emojitaco emojitaco emoji

Every day, you're bestowed with five virtual tacos to distribute among the taco-deserving populace. Shower people with tacos as a grand gesture of gratitude, appreciating everything from little triumphs like untangling headphone wires to monumental achievements like inventing a time-traveling toaster.

Accumulate tacos to build your taco empire and be crowned the almighty Taco Legend.

Steps to taco success

Step 1. Add HeyTaco to either Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Step 2. Write glowing messages and include taco emoji example in your messages to show praise, appreciation, or to just simply put a smile on someone's face.

Step 3. Watch your team thrive.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes positive communication
  • Builds camaraderie
  • Encourages gratitude
  • Cultivates a culture of appreciation
  • Brings company values to life
  • Increases employee morale
  • Drives higher engagement
  • Helps remote teams connect
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Award-winning Employee Recognition Software

HeyTaco is trusted by over 1,000 teams, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and has been recognized with few awards.

HeyTaco is a leader in Mid-Market Employee Engagement on G2 HeyTaco is a leader in Mid-Market Employee Recognition on G2 HeyTaco is a leader in Team Building on G2 HeyTaco is a leader in Team Building on G2 HeyTaco is a leader in Small-Business Productivity Bots on G2

Magic Commands

These are some fun commands to try:

  • @heytaco favorite song
  • @heytaco what time is it?
  • @heytaco dance
  • @heytaco tell a joke

Adding HeyTaco to other Slack channels

HeyTaco only works in channels he's been invited to. Go to the channel you'd like to add him to and type:

/invite @heytaco