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Leaderboards help drive engagement by adding a little friendly competition to giving tacos. This also makes hey taco a lot of fun. There are two leaderboard views, tacos received, tacos given. These allow you to see your top receivers as well as your top givers.

Many successful HeyTaco customers share one similar trait, they not only celebrate their receivers, but they also celebrate their givers. By celebration givers you foster a culture of giving. You build a stronger and healthier team and taco economy.

You can also view your leaderboards by time frame. You can set this default time frame by going to the settings and team. And then setting a default time frame here. Our recommendation is to set the default to weekly or monthly. What this does is it levels the playing field by giving everyone a chance to be at the top of the leaderboard. HeyTaco customers use a leaderboard in their weekly or monthly team meetings or their all hands to recognize their top receivers and their top givers.

Finally, you can view the leaderboard by filtering my channels for all the channels you have added HeyTaco to. This allows you to filter the leaderboard for each team, business unit, or even the business locations. You can also filter by the different teams.

The leaderboard is not a performance evaluation tool. The leaderboard is a collaborative, friendly tool to drive engagement.

All the users can see the leaderboard by going to the chat and clicking the leaderboard up here, or going to the app and clicking the leaderboard in here to see the full leaderboard.

Award-winning Employee Recognition Software

HeyTaco is trusted by over 1,000 teams, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and has been recognized with few awards.

HeyTaco is a leader in Mid-Market Employee Engagement on G2 HeyTaco is a leader in Mid-Market Employee Recognition on G2 HeyTaco is a leader in Team Building on G2 HeyTaco is a leader in Team Building on G2 HeyTaco is a leader in Small-Business Productivity Bots on G2

What HeyTaco customers are saying


"HeyTaco has been brilliant as it's such an easy (and fun) way to build culture and camaraderie within our team. I love the tool and so does the rest of the team!"


"HeyTaco allows our staff to publicly recognize and appreciate each other with virtual tacos. This not only fosters a sense of camaraderie and appreciation within the team but also gives them the opportunity to redeem their earned tacos for rewards, making it a valuable addition to our positive work culture."


"Going on 3+ years of HeyTaco and <3 what it does for our team with every ounce. The brilliance of the tacos for employees is its simple, drafts off real workflows, and is a great async way to teach/learn what good behavior is."


"HeyTaco allows me to notice the recognition team members are giving each other. Before, I had no way of knowing and wouldn't be able to recognize things myself. We're having a lot of fun with it."


"I don't know whose idea HeyTaco was, but it's sooooo cool. I love that Slack is blowing up with positivity. And I've gotten tacos for things I didn't realize were so important to certain people. And have loved having something I can give folks who go above and beyond."


"What I saw in the days, weeks, months and now years since we installed HeyTaco is incredible. I saw peers, coworkers on different teams, management, executives, everyone – all giving teammates shout outs for their awesome work. From highlighting out company values, helping out peers and going above and beyond, to generally being awesome humans. The channel turned into a showcase of the best of our team. Pure gratitude and appreciation of the work teammates were doing."


"It’s so easy to acknowledge co-workers this way that I’ve offered more praise in eight weeks than I likely did in eight years."

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